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Web pages are no longer just a means of promotion and are increasingly becoming a tool of business. It is therefore important in real-time update information and news on the company or on the web to introduce new products, and allow potential customers to take delivery of these products and pay online.

For this purpose, we adapted the content management system "IMO-Consalt Web Solution" application, based on the Joomla 3.4 Framework, which allows you to change the entire contents of a web page through a secure administration system.

IMO-CONSALT Web Solution is a web application that is through the installation of additional components can extend the functionality of your website.

If you want to install a forum, gallery or something else, it is sufficient to allow administration of appropriate components, and adjust the parameters to suit your needs.  

Some of the features are:

IMO-Consalt Web design

  •  Support for multiple content authors
  •  Approval of content prior to publication
  •  Start and end of posting content on a predefined date
  •  Input static (uncategorized) content
  •  Archiving older content with the ability to extract
  •  The possibility of evaluating the content
  •  Loading external page using Wrapper Components
  •  Support for visual editors
  •  Upload files for easy use on site
  •  Organisation of content into sections and categories
  •  URLs for Search Engines
  •  Advanced Administration System
  •  Support for multiple administrators and / or moderator
  •  Grouping users by access level
  •  Localizing the user interface and administration
  •  Caching mechanism for better performance in high-traffic sites
  •  Creating a simple survey
  •  Manage deleted temporary facilities (such as the Recycle Bin)
  •  Posting ads with Banner Components
  •  Advanced installation of additional elements
  •  Advanced System web help
  •  Development of custom solutions for the user's request

IMO-CONSALT Web Shop - the complete E-commerce solution for your web store. The module allows creation of unlimited number of product categories, add new products with an arbitrary number of characteristics of each product (pictures, prices, descriptions, etc.), as well as changing the data of any product. The module can be used as a web store or catalog. Administration access multiple protected from unwanted visitors.

Orders received from the Web Shop is possible to receive E-mail, a customer is to complete the purchasing process until the credit card payments, delivery or the invoice by sending e-mail client with an order for delivery.

If you are interested in a detailed offer or need a custom web application that is not listed here please contact us.

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